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10 Benefits of Harvesting Timber

Silviculture is the practice of guiding and developing the establishment, regeneration (growth), composition, health, quality, and vigor of a forest or stand. This is achieved through a variety of management strategies such as thinning, harvesting, and planting.

Sustainable forest management balances the needs of an economic environment while conserving our forests for future generations.  Forest’s continued health and regeneration are vital for the overall ecosystem, including wildlife habitat, soil, water, and native biological diversity. Timber harvesting is frequently given a bad name due to poor logging practices, and unsustainable forest management.

To ensure that your forest’s long-term health and goals for your timberland are being met, hiring a professional consulting forester is the best option in overseeing timber harvest operations.

Listed below are 10 benefits to harvesting timber. At Steigerwaldt Land Services, our foresters have decades worth of experience in sustainable forest management and the implementation of silvicultural practices and techniques to meet client goals and objectives.

1. Allows for the regeneration (new growth) of the understory
2. Promotes Biodiversity of tree species and enhances wildlife habitat
3. Maintains a healthy forest through sustainable management
4. Lowers the risk for a forest fire
5. Reduces the effects of competition among desirable trees
6. Creates an additional source of income for years to come
7. Wood products used in everyday life
8. Assists is sustaining local and statewide economies
9. Landowner property goals
10. Aesthetics of timberland


-Nick Eiden, Assistant Project Forester