In April we celebrated 60 years in business! Anniversaries are a great time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished over time. As we looked back, we realized there might be many things we’ve done that you aren’t aware of. For that reason we’ve assembled a list of 60 Things You May Not Know about Steigerwaldt Land Services!

Again, we want to thank our clients for your confidence in us. We wouldn’t be here today without your continued business and loyalty!

1. We were founded in 1957 by Edward F. Steigerwaldt Sr.
2. We have four locations: two in Wisconsin – Tomahawk & Hayward; one in Marquette, Michigan; and one in Chillicothe, Ohio.
3. Our team is large! We employ almost 50 people.
4. We can help you purchase land.
5. We manage more than 430,000 acres of client timberland.
6. Forestry is in our genes – we are a third generation Steigerwaldt family business.
7. Our complete range of forest and real estate services makes us the only single-source land services company in the Lake States region.
8. We were first known as Edward Steigerwaldt & Son, Consulting Foresters.
9. In 1987 we became Steigerwaldt Land Services.
10. We were the first forestry consulting firm to introduce Geographic Information Systems (GIS) service in the Lake States.
11. In 1988 we assembled the first Timberland Investment Management Organization (TIMO) portfolio in Lake States.
12. In 1964 we pioneered tax assessment based on aerial photo interpretation of forest cover types and timber value.
13. Our team of foresters and arborists is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of tree diseases.
14. Our appraisers serve as expert witnesses in court cases involving land acquisition issues.
15. With ISA-certified arborists on staff, we are a trusted source for valuations of landscape trees and ornamental trees, and for estimating loss of value due to damage.
16. Our team of foresters and natural resource professionals can help you enhance your property for hunting, bird watching, or general wildlife.
17. Our appraisers are skilled in valuing resorts, marinas, commercial, industrial, agricultural, development, and residential properties.
18. Our appraisers have appraised thousands of acres of land for conservation easement purposes.
19. Our team members are dedicated to preparing today’s youth to be tomorrow’s stewards of our natural world. For that reason, we donate and volunteer time to Trees for Tomorrow.
20. Our forestry team has completed due diligence on over 500,000 acres of timberland.
21. We have brokered some of the largest land transactions in Wisconsin.
22. We were the second consulting forestry business established in Wisconsin.
23. Our longest tenured employee has been with us for 34 years.
24. We travel coast to coast on consulting projects.
25. We do wetland delineations.
26. We treat for emerald ash borer and oak wilt.
27. Our founder, Ed Steigerwaldt Sr., honed his skills in aerial photo interpretation in World War II.
28. We volunteer at the Lumberjack World Championships held every year in Hayward, Wisconsin.
29. We employ graduates of the region’s top forestry schools.
30. Our name originates from Steigerwald, a forested region of Germany.
31. We believe in giving back to our profession through memberships in professional organizations.
32. Our trademark is quality work fast, with honesty and integrity.
33. Our foresters are trained in identifying Karner Blue Butterfly habitat and satisfying federal, state, and local regulations that require their protection in areas where they may be able to sustain a population.34. We help clients not only in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio, but across the country and parts of Canada.
35. Among many other things, our clients have described us as friendly, energetic, knowledgeable, and prompt.
36. When tragedy strikes, we can handle fire damage appraisals.
37. Our president, Ed Steigerwaldt, was honored with the prestigious Distinguished Forester award from the Association of Consulting Foresters.
38. We attend conventions around the nation, not only as experts, but to continue learning new and improved practices within our industry.
39. Our Right-of-Way team enhances collaboration between various parties involved in complex projects to reduce potential setbacks.
40. We are extremely active in the Association of Consulting Foresters of America, Inc.
41. The Wisconsin Chapter of the Association of Consulting Foresters was formed in 1980 with Edward F. Steigerwaldt, Sr. as the first Wisconsin Chapter President.
42. We are proud to be affiliated with Green Timber Consulting Foresters of Michigan.
43. We work for all kinds of clients: individuals, conservation groups, investment organizations, governmental entities, utility companies, and more.
44. Steigerwaldt Tree Farms ships 8,000 trees to 15 states across the country – in one weeks’ time.
45. When Steigerwaldt began in 1957, the Milwaukee Braves defeated the New York Yankees to become the World Series Champions.
46. We are proud members of the Wisconsin Arborist Association.
47. We are proud members of the Michigan Society of American Foresters.
48. Our appraisers are experienced in conducting forest inventories and evaluating the timberland component of the appraisal process.
49. We also sell homes and cabins.
50. Our professionals provide a comprehensive timberland investment package that aids clients to make informed decisions and fully realize the potential of their timber.
51. Our surveying experience is as diverse as our client base, from large-scale surveys for public and industrial forest lands to boundary surveys for private landowners.
52. We are dedicated to the communities we’re in. We attend local high school and college events to educate the youth and to promote the importance of the forestry industry.
53. We believe in cross-training for employees, which means our staff is skilled in many different areas.
54. We routinely provide expert witness testimony for tree damage litigation.
55. We invest in the latest technology to deliver the best results for clients.
56. Creating customized databases is one of our specialties.
57. Steigerwaldt foresters commute to work by ATV, snowshoe, snowmobile, and even boat.
58. Ed Steigerwaldt and Lee Steigerwaldt are authors of the book A Practical Guide to Tree Appraisal.
59. Steigerwaldt Tree Farms has been selling Christmas trees in Florida for over 40 years.
60. Our appraisers have valued some of the largest and most scenic natural areas in the Lake States region.