A Practical Guide to Tree Appraisal

Edward F. Steigerwaldt, ACF, ISA Certified Arborist
Lee A. Steigerwaldt, ACF, ISA Certified Arborist
Published May 2012

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Tree valuation presents a unique challenge to the arborist, forester, and appraiser because various approaches to value—such as tree trunk formulas, cost of replacement, and cost to cure—can produce widely disparate results. If tree values are not properly tied to overall property value, value conclusions can become excessive, drive up insurance costs, and contribute to inequity and inconsistency across the industry.
A Practical Guide to Tree Appraisal gives tree professionals the tools to ensure that tree values correspond to the land on which they grow. When the sum of the parts does not exceed the whole, the result is a realistic value that is properly anchored to the real estate market. With guidance for appraising residential trees, forest trees, Christmas and orchard trees, and trees on public land, this book is filled with real-world cases and practical examples for anyone faced with the challenge of placing a value on trees.

Ed Steigerwaldt is a forester, arborist, real estate appraiser, and Christmas tree grower with over 40 years’ experience in land and tree valuation. His daughter, Lee, is also a forester, arborist, and appraiser. Together they operate Steigerwaldt Land Services, a forestry and real estate firm that provides consulting services to clients in the Midwest and beyond. They frequently serve as expert witnesses in tree appraisal litigation and give presentations on the importance of realistic tree appraisals.

“A Practical Guide to Tree Appraisal is an invaluable tool for any consulting forester or arborist to have in the field. The guide clearly explains various approaches to use in arriving at a supportable estimate value of trees in the landscape. Whether you are a novice or veteran tree appraiser, this book will make your job easier.”
—Lynn C. Wilson, Executive Director, The Association of Consulting Foresters of America, Inc.

“This book will be a much-needed ready reference for the appraiser and reviewer.”
—David J. Deneen, Statewide Review Appraiser, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

“A Practical Guide to Tree Appraisal cracks the appraisal code for arborists, foresters, and real estate appraisers. Ed and Lee provide rare, reality-based knowledge for common and unique tree appraisals. Serious arborists, foresters, and appraisers will treasure the clarity of this practical guide.”
—Mike Krutza, Co-Owner, Lighthouse Leadership, and former CEO, Farm Credit Services of Wausau, Wisconsin