Communication and Development Director

Ashley R. Beatty

Ashley earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies and Professional Writing from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse in 2008. She also attended St. Mary’s University and earned her Master’s Degree in Management in 2012.

Ashley is the Communication and Development Director at Steigerwaldt, continuously promoting their trademark: quality work fast, with honesty and integrity. Internally, her focus is on fostering an inclusive and creative work culture and strengthening team development, engagement, and relationships. She also invests time in company promotion, branding, and client experience. In addition, her responsibilities include all aspects of administration for multiple departments including forestry, marketing and communications, IT, and brokerage. She excels at office management, technical support, website maintenance, social media, creative solutions, marketing, and fostering an inclusive work environment. Ashley is also a Wisconsin Notary.

Ashley enjoys contributing to her community by volunteering for major city events. She is also an entrepreneur and owns a craft beer and coffee bar with her family. Her favorite moments are spent with her husband and dogs; whether traveling or at home, it’s always an adventure.
715.699.1401, ext. 201

Administrative Specialist

Jenna A. Bettinger

Jenna’s responsibilities as an Administrative Specialist include various office duties, supporting all departments as needed, and directing clients to correct departments. She specializes in forestry support and assists with scale entry, proofreading, creating and sending transmittals, and payment tracking.

Jenna enjoys hunting, showshoeing, summer camping, traveling out west every year to go to the mountains, and spending time outdoors with her 2 dogs.
715.453.3274, ext. 303

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Brenda L. Jones

Brenda has over 35 years of experience in the administrative field. As an Executive Assistant, Brenda leads special projects and manages a variety of executive administrative tasks, including project tracking and timeline coordination between multiple departments, ensuring timely delivery of quality reports. She specializes in assisting the appraisal department in completing complex valuation assignments.

In her free time, Brenda enjoys pontooning on Lake Nokomis with family and friends, watching her son play hockey, and collecting shells on the beach while watching beautiful sunsets.
715.453.3274, ext. 339

Accounting Manager/Operations Director - Office Administration

Melissa L. Lane

Melissa earned her Master of Business Administration in 2013 from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. She also attended Franklin University in Ohio and earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting.

Melissa’s responsibilities at Steigerwaldt includes overseeing the daily operations of the accounting and office administration departments. This includes financial statements preparation, budget completion, and financial goal implementation. In addition, she oversees the payroll and employee benefit administration. Melissa is always looking for process improvements to streamline the workflow for efficiency and effectiveness.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys spending time with family and being outdoors in the Northwoods with her husband and dog. Some of her favorites are fishing, boating, camping, and snowmobiling.
715.453.3274, ext. 325

Administrative Assistant

Theresa L. Sonn

Theresa has over 20 years of experience in various administrative roles. Prior to Steigerwaldt, Theresa was the Executive Assistant to the President of CUNA Strategic Services, Inc., an affiliate of The Credit Union National Association in Madison, WI.

As an Administrative Assistant at Steigerwaldt, Theresa specializes in appraisal support, formatting and editing appraisals, and assisting other departments as needed. She also serves as the front desk executive, welcoming clients to Steigerwaldt.

Theresa has lived in Madison all her life until moving to Tomahawk. You can find her at her favorite fishing holes trying to catch the big one! She also enjoys boating, camping, walks with husband and their two dogs, and spending time with family and friends.
715.453.3274, ext. 329

Administrative Assistant - Accounts Payable

Patricia A. Winker

Patti has over 40 years of experience in office administration and management. She also owned and operated several retail businesses, as well as independently authored numerous cookbooks and articles for publication. This diverse background has honed Patti’s ability to accurately track detail for bookkeeping purposes and to dig deeper into procedures, often resulting in a more streamlined process.

Along with assisting the financial department as needed, Patti maintains and tracks expenses daily, making sure all vendors receive accurate payments in a timely manner. She is proficient in navigating accounting software and creating documents needed to capture department expenditures. Essentially, if you need to know detail about expenses, Patti will produce it.

Time away from the office is spent cooking, walking, biking, writing, kayaking, or just enjoying her home and garden. Patti’s perfect vacation destinations include visiting her daughter, son-in-law, and grandkids in Florida, a trip to the great Northwest, and traipsing around New York City with her husband.
715.453.3274, ext. 316