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Real Estate Specialist

Carol J. Ahles, RWA, R/W-NAC

As a member of Steigerwaldt’s Right-of-Way department, Carol is responsible for assisting the department in title review, document preparation and execution, database management, permitting, market study research, and project procurement. Carol has worked on a variety of utility, governmental, and renewable infrastructure projects and is well-versed in the statutory and permitting requirements for these projects.

She supports acquisition projects with a special focus on quality control and data organization. She also assists in analyzing, preparing, reviewing and interpreting land and Right-of-Way related agreements, deeds, easements, leases, permits, and licenses. She has received her Right-of-Way Agent designation through the International Right-of-Way Association and has her Right-of-Way Negotiation and Acquisition designation (R/W NAC) through IRWA. Carol is a licensed real estate agent and notary in Wisconsin.

Carol has worked on numerous transmission line, gas line, and highway projects in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota.

In her free time, Carol enjoys spending time with her family and fishing the lakes of northern Minnesota and Wisconsin.
715.453.3274, ext. 306

Real Estate Agent

Keith O. Frank Jr

Keith serves as the Real Estate Agent at Steigerwaldt Land Services. He is a key member of the Right-of-Way team and is involved in supporting client and landowner relations. Keith supports day-to-day department functions including negotiations, land sales research, and the preparation of necessary documents. He also provides regular status reports on land acquisition and permitting, performs land sales research, and negotiates and secures fee titles, easements, leases, licenses, permits, and ordinances.

Keith holds a Wisconsin Real Estate Broker License and is a Wisconsin Notary.

Prior to his current position, Keith was a real estate agent for six years, and during that time, obtained his broker license. Before that, he worked in radio for eight years and worked with and ran a children’s summer camp during that time. Additionally, he attended Milwaukee Area Technical College where he graduated from their electrical program and worked for two years as an electrical installer.

In his free time Keith loves reading. He enjoys spending time with his wife, five children and beagle, camping, kayaking, fishing, hunting, hiking/exploring, and especially playing chess, board games, and role play games. Keith and his wife love to explore the world and are well on their way to achieving their goal of visiting all 50 states, and as many countries after that as possible.
715.453.3274, ext. 334

Project Manager

Kari L. Genson

Kari is responsible for collaborating on a variety of infrastructure projects with public and private utilities, governmental agencies, and on renewable energy projects. She is a new member in IRWA, where she maintains her education in the field of right of way.

Her responsibilities include liaising with clients and landowners to get necessary land rights for the project, securing necessary access, resolving construction-related damages, obtaining necessary project permits, attending public meetings, and handling vegetation management issues. Her duties also include project administration and management and project bidding and procurement.

Kari also holds a Wisconsin Real Estate Sales License and assists clients with residential and recreational real estate acquisitions, dispositions, marketing, and contracting.

In her free time, Kari enjoys spending time with her family and four-legged friends. She also loves musky fishing, hunting, cycling of any sort, and spending as much time outdoors as possible.
715.699.1401, ext, 204

Vice President - Energy, Infrastructure, and Real Estate

Haakon K. Hagemeister, SR/WA

Haakon serves as Vice President of Energy, Infrastructure, and Real Estate at Steigerwaldt and has been with the company since 2004. He worked as a staff and project forester prior to transitioning into his current role in 2011. Haakon earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management from Michigan Technological University in 2003. He is a member of the International Right of Way Association, Society of American Foresters, and Association of Consulting Foresters. He served as the chapter chair of the Northeast Chapter of the Society of American Foresters from 2011 to 2013 and holds the SR/WA designation from the IRWA. He is a Wisconsin and Michigan Notary, and is a Wisconsin Cooperating Forester.

Haakon’s current job duties at Steigerwaldt include performing and overseeing all aspects of utility, renewable, and governmental acquisition and permitting projects. Haakon coordinates and ensures client expectations are met in relation to project budgeting, forecasting, schedule, and workflow to ensure successful completion on time and within budget. Additional duties include attending public meetings, obtaining necessary local and state permits, preparing market studies, negotiating with public and private landowners, settling damage claims, and handling vegetation management issues. As Operations Director, Haakon is also responsible for the development, implementation, and supervision of the day-to-day activities of the Real Estate team. This includes reviewing, evaluating, and managing the acquisition process, ensuring due diligence and compliance with all client and statutory requirements, and ensuring project database and spatial solutions are current and correct.

In his free time, Haakon enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters, brook trout fishing, and spending time outdoors.
715.453.3274, ext. 332

Real Estate Manager

Jason D. Saari

Jason Saari serves as Real Estate Manager for Steigerwaldt Land Services where he supports the Right-of-Way department through performance management of direct reports, business development, project procurement support, and contract work with external companies. He is also responsible for managing a team of professionals with daily oversight, work planning, and team meetings in addition to client communications and landowner meetings.

Jason has 27 years of Real Estate management experience in the outdoor advertising industry, serving as Director of Real Estate, Real Estate Manager, and Real Estate Representative for several media companies. Jason has also served as President and Vice President for an industry trade association and worked there for 17 years. Jason has a diversified background in Real Estate acquisition, Government Affairs, code compliance, lease portfolio management, and obtaining regulatory and zoning approvals for numerous projects at the State and Local level.

Jason holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Superior in Business Administration, graduating in 1995.

In his free time, Jason enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, and loves to spend time outdoors golfing, snowmobiling, and hunting.
715.453.3274, ext. 345

Senior Real Estate Specialist

Nate E. Seely

Nathan is responsible for all aspects of Right-of-Way and Real Estate work, specializing in right-of-way acquisition. He holds a Minnesota Real Estate Salesperson License and is a full member in IRWA, where he continues his education in the Right of Way field. His duties include working with clients and landowners during negotiations for easements, access, or damages. He is skilled at the negotiation process while acquiring easements, and ensures that the landowners’ needs and concerns are met.

Prior to his current position, Nathan was a Contract Landman working for oil and gas companies throughout the United States, negotiating leases for oil and gas exploration with mineral owners and running full title for the mineral ownership.

In his free time, Nathan enjoys all aspects of the outdoors including hunting, fishing, four wheeling, and camping with the family.
715.699.1401, ext. 211

Administrative Assistant - Real Estate

Becky L. Welch

Becky Welch serves as the Administrative Assistant for Real Estate at Steigerwaldt Land Services. She is responsible for supporting the Energy, Infrastructure and Real Estate division. She will assist in maintaining in-house database systems to record landowner information, track important dates and support file management of all project documentation.

Prior to her current position, Becky worked in the insurance industry for religious institutions.

In her free time, Becky enjoys being outdoors, fishing, riding motorcycles with family and friends, visiting craft sales and flea markets, occasionally refinishing a piece of furniture, and sampling wine and craft brews with friends. She also enjoys all things fall and Halloween related.
715.453.3274, ext. 312