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Appraisal Services

Steigerwaldt’s Appraisal team is dedicated to helping our clients understand and document the value of their real estate.  That value could be the straightforward market value, or it could be more complex, for example the value of an easement that is encumbering the property’s use.

Our Appraisal team can also value large tracts of timberland held as a financial asset with income streams from selling timber or smaller parcels, as well as unique waterfront, or recreation parcels including buildings and other improvements.

In situations where the value of the real estate has been impacted by an event, a forest fire for example, or some other damage to trees or vegetation, our appraisers are experts in determining the value loss and then, if needed, support that work through litigation and expert testimony.

We have a highly experienced team of certified general appraisers (CGAs) that excel in scenarios where there are complex appraisal problems and where there are unique property features or considerations as well as in scenarios where there is a tight timeline and when there is the expectation that an appraisal may come under scrutiny.

We encourage anyone that may be considering an appraisal to give us a call, we’re happy to talk through the appraisal process and match the appropriate approach to our client’s needs.  Learn more about our services here: