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ed-steigerwaldt2Ed Steigerwaldt was recently appointed to serve on Wisconsin’s Silviculture Guidance Team. The team, which includes representatives from various facets of the forestry community, is responsible for developing silviculture guidance based on the best science and field experience available. Ultimately their work results in maintaining a contemporary Silviculture Handbook, which is regularly used by the Department of Natural Resources and other forestry professionals in Wisconsin.

The Silviculture Guidance Team also works with the Council on Forestry, the Division of Forestry’s Field Operations Team, and the Chief State Forester to establish silvicultural priorities within Wisconsin’s forestry community.

Ed stated, “I’ve been in the forestry profession for 50 years and silviculture has always been an interest of mine. As part of the silviculture team, I’m looking forward to contributing to making appropriate revisions in guidelines that fit the biology and economics of our times.”

Ed was appointed to the team in 2013 and will serve a four-year term.