Ed’s Top Real Estate Listings – January 2022

January 27, 2021 — Ed Steigerwaldt’s investment philosophy is to Buy Smart, Manage Wisely, Enjoy Completely.

Bear Lake # 14
Here’s a great recreation tract with excellent forest cover for grouse and deer. Aspen in the 14 to 16-year age class dominates the forest, but there is mixed hardwood and balsam scattered through the property. Small ponds and wetland are located along Rocky Run Creek. Access is by Bear Lake Road that extends east and west through the southern third. It’s currently in the Managed Forest Program as MFL open, but it can be changed back to MFL closed after a purchase. I like the forest cover, good access, and location approximately eight miles west of Butternut. PRICE: $1,100.00 per acre.

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Meteor Timber 
I’ve always loved pine plantations for timberland investment. Pine grows fast, has excellent aesthetics, and offers good wildlife cover, especially for younger stands. This tract has ¼ mile frontage on 13th Court and is almost all upland. The general area is great for deer hunting. Price: $2,300.00 per acre.

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For additional details about these properties or to learn more about a forestry investment that fits you, contact Todd Frederickson at 715.453.3274 or todd.frederickson@steigerwaldt.com.