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Ed’s Top Real Estate Listings – March 2022

January 27, 2021 — Ed Steigerwaldt’s investment philosophy is to Buy Smart, Manage Wisely, Enjoy Completely.

Bear Lake # 3
This 323-acre listing has good forest investment and recreation opportunities alike. It is located approximately nine miles northwest of butternut and has ½ mile frontage on Right of Way Road. The forest cover includes young aspen as well as scatted northern hardwood. Aspen is fast growing, a very important commercial timber species, and has superior cover for many game species, such as grouse. An added feature is Rocky Run Creek, a brook trout stream, that flows through about ¾ mile of the land. This tract also has a good interior woods road system running north and south. Price: $1,150.00 per acre

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This 680-acre parcel is located approximately five miles southwest of Phillips along Wilson Lake Road. It has a good woods road system through various areas and a forest cover of aspen with varying size classes. This property also has 1/3 mile frontage on Wilson Creek which flows south out of Wilson Lake. State of Wisconsin land borders on the south. This is a great place to build a hunting or recreation camp and enjoy the Northwoods. $1,150.00 per acre

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For additional details about these properties or to learn more about a forestry investment that fits you, contact Todd Frederickson at 715.453.3274 or [email protected].