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Forest Modeling

The key to effective forest management is determining appropriate silvicultural systems that consider existing forest conditions to meet both present-day and future goals.

Our Analytics & Technology Solutions team can help you evaluate the dynamics of your forest by developing and designing models and tools that accurately quantify forest metrics and allow for advanced analysis and valuation. Our team can use your readily available data and other resources to create solutions that can inform forest management planning, inventory management, carbon analysis, and due diligence modeling. Modeling solutions also allow for the exploration of alternative management options and silvicultural advancements and provide information for sound decision-making.

In addition, we offer a variety of services to landowners from inventory and harvest scheduling to financial and timber product forecasts. These services can ultimately lead to better-informed decision-making to best suit the goals you have for your timberlands.

Learn more about our Analytics & Technology Solutions team here.

– Nick Berg,  GIS Manager