Biomass Resource Analysis

We completed a biomass study for a client interested in analyzing the emerging forest biomass market in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This project included an FIA-based analysis of the logging residue volumes within this region. FIA-derived data were also used to analyze roundwood production and to identify underutilized species.

Biomass Resource Analysis

This study focused on analyzing the biomass availability in northeastern Indiana. The main issues included evaluating the current logging infrastructure and estimating potential woody biomass supply, consumption, and cost.

Softwood Resource Analysis

This resource study was comprised of two separate efforts, which included a broad analysis of the softwood resource across the Lake States and a later analysis that focused on two 100-mile procurement zones in Wisconsin. The studies focused on analyzing softwood timber volumes (using FIA data), resource ownership, markets, and mill competition. We completed a growth and harvest analysis based on FIA data, which was supplemented with federal, state, and county forest historical harvest information.

Mill Resource Analysis

Forestry ProjectAs part of this analysis we reviewed the recommendations of another firm regarding the expansion of a mill in northern Maine. We conducted a resource study to test the validity, methods, and conclusions of the initial study. Issues included assessing the timber volumes of certain species, mill competition, production capacity, and growth and drain for specific procurement zones.

Watershed Forest Resource Analysis

Using GIS, remote sensing, and statewide forest inventory data, we completed a forest resource analysis on a 450,000-acre watershed in northwest Wisconsin. Work included a detailed report on land ownership, forest inventory data, forest management, and timber markets. The initial report was followed by timber inventories, appraisals, and forest management assessments on 18 individual tracts.

(Client names are kept confidential for resource analysis projects.)