Forestland – One of the Best Investments

Finding and buying forestland that works for YOU. Ed Steigerwaldt’s investment philosophy is to – Buy Smart, Manage Wisely, Enjoy Completely. Now, how do you go about doing so?
In Wisconsin, we are fortunate to have many mills that accept forest products so investment timberland can include a variety of species. Here is a quick glimpse at Ed’s favorite trees:
  1. Pine – Red pine plantations can grow ½ cord up toto 1 full cord per acre per year.
  2. Aspen – This species can be harvested in 35 to 50 years depending on the site. Look for mature stands or find those 20 to 25 years of age. These trees will mature quickly.
  3. Hardwood – Look for good growing sites that support species such as hard maple, red and white oak, basswood, or soft maple.
The best time to buy Wisconsin forestland is NOW! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to buy and finance at historically low rates.