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Geospatial Solutions

Our team of experts excel at spatial resource analysis for a growing list of public and private clients. We are an Esri Silver Business Partner, adept in a variety of geospatial technologies.

Your location of interest – relative to the resources around it – matters. We will provide you with tools to tell its spatial story and advance your analysis and understanding of the associated resources.

Whether you are in need of a professional map and spatial analysis or have a unique opportunity to engage others in the story of your land, we will create a solution.

Beyond desktop GIS, we offer our clients and partners a suite of interactive map solutions, uniquely configured to each project’s goals.


January 31, 2024

Introducing our GSS Department!

What Can GSS Do for You? Making sound decisions about land resources and place-based assets requires clear understanding and management…

Stumpage Trends

Steigerwaldt provides regular updates on the Lake States timber and stumpage markets. For analysis specific to your project and region, contact Steigerwaldt today at 715.453.3274.