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Hunting Season and Field Safety

Now that September is here, many hunting seasons are beginning to open. With more hunters in the woods, forestry, survey, and natural resources professionals have an increased chance to cross paths with hunters.

During hunting season, our team takes additional safety precautions to reduce risk out in the field.  They wear blaze orange and try to limit their time in the field. 

To help keep our natural resource professionals safe, ask the landowner if they have any planned forestry or natural resource activities around the time of your hunting trip.  If you are hunting on public or open MFL land, be aware forestry and natural resource management happens year-round and a technician may be on the property at any time, including evenings and weekends.  Foresters may also be close by on adjacent parcels.
Always be mindful of where you point your gun or bow.  Keep your eyes and ears open and have a safe and successful hunting season.
– Claire Hillmeyer, Forest Analyst