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Impartial Appraisal

The role of an appraiser is to provide independent, impartial analysis and opinion of value without partiality. The Steigerwaldt appraisal team realizes that our clients may benefit from a value that enhances their real estate goals; however, our licensed appraisers cannot act as an advocate for our client’s valuation aspirations. As part of the appraisal process, we seek to hear about the property from the landowners to help in the overall analysis. This can include listening about unique characteristics that the owner feels may influence value.  Our appraisers are also available following the delivery of the appraisal report to discuss the outcome and explain their rationale, as well as to defend the stated opinion.

For our clients, you can be assured that the valuation services offered by our appraisers will be performed competently and in a manner that is independent, impartial, and objective, based on an unbiased review of project materials and information relevant to the assignment scope.  The opinion of value will be developed by fairly applying valuation principles, market research, and the appraiser’s experience.  No expression of advocacy for clients, others’ value perceptions, or desired appraisal outcomes is implied or contained in the scope of typical appraisal services.

-Tom Hittle, Senior Vice President: Project Coordination/Client Services