Meet Brenda Jones

Meet Brenda Jones, Executive Assistant to the CEO at Steigerwaldt. Brenda leads special projects and manages a variety of executive administrative tasks, including project tracking and timeline coordination between multiple departments, ensuring timely delivery of quality reports. She specializes in assisting the appraisal department in completing complex valuation assignments.

Please provide a professional history introduction (prior and during your time at Steigerwaldt):

  • I am the Executive Assistant at Steigerwaldt, assistant to Ed and Lee Steigerwaldt, supporting the leadership team, and appraisal department. I have been working here for 7 years. My job is always changing and evolving and that is what I love about it! Prior to working here I was at Incredible Bank for 18 years, and at Good Samaritan Health Center for 7 years.

Why are you passionate about this field?

  • I like working as a part of a team to accomplish our goals and feel really proud working for a women-owned business.

How do you serve our clients?

  • I serve our clients by leading special projects and managing timeline coordination between multiple departments.

Why do you enjoy working at Steigerwaldt?

  • Every day is different. I will come in with my list of to do’s for the day, and it is always changing. Also, the people I work with are great co-workers, as well as friends!

Since you’ve worked here, how has the industry changed?

  • I think we are doing things more electronically and moving away from paper. We used to bind appraisals to send to clients and now everything is in pdf format.

What industry changes are you most excited about?

  • I think just the growing, changing, and evolving – working smarter, not harder!

What’s your favorite tree and why?

  • A palm tree, of course, because it’s found on the beach!

      Where do you like to go on vacation?

      • Any place that has a beach, but recently Jamaica was absolutely beautiful!

      What is your favorite outdoor activity?

      • Picking shells up on the beach (do you see a theme here)!