Meet Chad Kostner

Meet Chad Kostner, GIS Specialist at Steigerwaldt. Chad is responsible for GIS development out of the Hayward office. His duties include the development of GIS maps and data sets using ESRI ArcMap, ESRI ArcGIS Pro, and QGIS. He is the primary developer for cloud-based GIS technologies and programming tasks. Chad specializes in producing custom map products for clients. He is also responsible for the majority of customized software and data development inside Steigerwaldt.

Please provide a professional history introduction (prior and during your time at Steigerwaldt):

  • Prior to my time with Steigerwaldt, I had spent my previous 16 years in GIS working for Regional Planning Commissions in Michigan and Wisconsin, as well as spending 5 years working in the private sector.

Why are you passionate about this field?

  • I enjoy the the opportunity to essentially work 3 different careers in one job. Some days I’m creating maps, the next I may be creating databases, and the third I may be creating custom programs.

How do you serve our clients?

  • I work with clients to develop customized solutions to their specific needs.

Why do you enjoy working at Steigerwaldt?

  • I enjoy the diversity of clients and working through the huge variety of opportunities that our clients present to us.

Since you’ve worked here, how has the industry changed?

  • When I first started I would say 90% of my time was devoted to producing hard copy map products. Since that time, that number is probably less than 15% with a majority of my time being spent developing web-based products for or staff and clients to use.

What industry changes are you most excited about?

  • It’s amazing how quickly things are changing. I’ve been doing GIS for 25 years and we are definitely experiencing a generational shift in the way technology is being used and deployed.

What’s your favorite tree and why?

  • Tamarack. I love the fact that they lose their needles and change color.

      Where do you like to go on vacation?

      • Anywhere that has some great outdoor activities.