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Meet Jon Andreas

Meet Jon Andreas, a Tree Farm Manager for Steigerwaldt. Jon is responsible for directing, coordinating, and leading Steigerwaldt Tree Farm’s field operations and manages wholesale and retail Christmas tree sales. His duties also include budget management, performance targets, action plan, data analysis, and marketing for Steigerwaldt Tree Farms. Jon works as the tree farm field operations leader and works with other members of the department to develop and maintain client relationships.



Please provide a professional history introduction (prior and during your time at Steigerwaldt):

  • I was an automotive technician for four years before working for four years as an assemblier assembling food serving equipment while I went back to college. I graduated from UW-Stevens Point in the spring of 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Forest Management and a minor in Forest Recreation. I started at Steigerwaldt in the fall of 2017 as the Tree Farm Manager. I have been through four harvest seasons and look forward to harvest every year.

Why are you passionate about this field?

  • I enjoy the variety of the work, as it changes almost monthly. I like seeing the trees go through the whole process from being planted as a seedling to being harvested and finally ending up in a family’s home for Christmas.

Why do you enjoy working at Steigerwaldt?

  • I enjoy the flexibility that Steigerwaldt offers. I love the organized chaos of the harvest season.

Since you’ve worked here, how has the industry changed?

  • The demand for real Christmas trees is continuing to increase, but unfortunately for various reasons the supply is not there. The industry is struggling to meet the demand and needs more farms and farmer workers.

What industry changes are you most excited about?

  • I am always excited about new automation that will be implicated to increase efficiency in the tree growing, tree care and harvesting process.

What’s your favorite tree and why?

  • Old growth White Pine, because I think they would tell great stories.

        What is your favorite outdoor activity?

        • Singletrack mountain biking.