Meet Kate Handberg

Meet Kate Handberg, an Environmental Assistant and Staff Forester for Steigerwaldt. Kate’s responsibilities include daily operations in forestry, including harvest boundary delineation, timber marking, inventory data gathering, and timber sale administration. She specializes in forest management and tree health and disease treatment.

Please provide a professional history introduction (prior and during your time at Steigerwaldt):

  • Since starting at Steigerwaldt, I have assisted with expanding the variety of environmental services we offer, such as Oak Wilt treatments and fungicide injections. I also perform wetland delineations and help with report writing, timber cruising, and timber sale set up. Before my time at Steigerwaldt, I had been on climbing crews, performed disease treatments, and had become an ISA certified arborist.

Why are you passionate about this field?

  • I really enjoy helping educate and consult landowners on how to make long-term sustainable decisions for their property.

How do you serve our clients?

  • I help educate clients on different options for disease treatments and advise them on what is best for their property. I also perform wetland delineations, cruise timber, and assist with timber sale set up.

Why do you enjoy working at Steigerwaldt?

  • I enjoy working at Steigerwaldt because of the huge variety of tasks and projects that I get to be a part of. It is great that being able to travel and see different places is part of our job.

Since you’ve worked here, how has the industry changed?

  • Since starting at Steigerwaldt, we have focused on expanding our environmental services in regards to Oak Wilt treatments and wetland delineations.

What industry changes are you most excited about?

  • I hope Steigerwaldt continues to have the opportunity to assist in renewable energy efforts, such as solar panel installation, by performing wetland delineations and helping clients through any necessary permitting processes.

      What is your favorite National Park?

      • Glacier National Park is my favorite park.

      Where do you like to go on vacation?

      • I like to go on vacation anywhere that I can hike or do outdoor activities.

      What is your favorite outdoor activity?

      • My favorite outdoor activity is running.