Meet Nathan Loeffler

Meet Nathan Loeffler, Staff Forester for Steigerwaldt. Nathan is responsible for forest inventory, data collection, timber marking, timber sale administration, and forest operations support.

Please provide a professional history introduction (prior and during your time at Steigerwaldt):

  • My first experience into the forestry field and the “real world” was when I applied for my internship summer of 2020. After dealing with a pandemic and my original internship with the Minnesota DNR being canceled, I worked for Stella Jones to mark red pine that met the criteria to make a suitable telephone pole. Working for Stella Jones instead of the DNR really changed the direction of my future in forestry, I realized I enjoyed working for private forestry. After I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point in May of 2021, I worked for Compass Land Consultants up in Au Train Michigan. I primarily completed CFI plot work for the Nature Conservancy, but also did timber marking in the northern hardwoods. In September of 2021 I began working for Steigerwaldt Land Services and am happy here today working on carbon projects, timber marking, and working other various forestry tasks.

Why are you passionate about this field?

  • My passion for the forestry field stems from my love of nature and wanting to do work that in the end does not cause negative effects on nature and only helps improve environments.

How do you serve our clients?

  • I currently serve our clients by assisting in the completion of various forestry projects by meeting landowner expectations, improving the property, keeping excellent communication, and in the end making sure all parties are happy with the work completed.

Why do you enjoy working at Steigerwaldt?

  • I enjoy working at Steigerwaldt because they have the forestry work that I have been looking for, are an organized business, and they think about their employees.

      What industry changes are you most excited about?

      • Things to be excited about for the future are the ever-changing┬átechnologies that can help us with our field work and help us communicate better.

      What’s your superpower?

      • Power to take on many tasks at one time.

      What’s your favorite tree and why?

      • Eastern Hemlock is my favorite tree, because I think it is a beautiful tree and it can provide many benefits to wildlife. It also is a difficult tree to find in pure stands and I am always trying to help encourage more to grow.

      What’s your favorite National Park?

      • Smoky Mountain National Park.

      What would you do with 10 acres?

      • Build a classy small cabin to make memories at and manage the rest for wildlife habitat and to continue my small mapling business by encouraging maple in some areas.

      Where do you like to go on vacation?

      • I always have enjoyed the northwoods but other than that I always like to pick a new national forest or park to visit for vacation.

          What is your favorite outdoor activity?

          • Cross Country skiing.