Our Roots

Austin Hopfensperger has been with Steigerwaldt for 3 years and currently holds the title of Forester.

What are three skills or attributes that describe you?

Curious, determined, and opportunistic.

Which projects that you have worked on have been the most enjoyable?

Taking over the field lead role on one of our larger private clients has presented many challenges that have helped me quickly develop my skill set to meet the clients needs.

What are your biggest accomplishments at Steigerwaldt?

In roughly three years, I have been to seven states for work. My favorite state I have traveled to for work is Montana. We were there in the fall of 2021.

What is your favorite Steigerwaldt value and why?

Team “We” is most important because without an effective team that works well together, large projects can be challenging.

How do you see this value in action at work?

We have a great team of foresters and other field staff that work together on projects to deliver results to our clients.