Our Roots

Max Kubisiak has been with Steigerwaldt for 2 years and currently holds the title of Forester.

What are three skills or attributes that describe you?

Driven, honest and positive.

Which projects that you have worked on have been the most enjoyable?

My favorite project to work on is the Bentley Hills timber sale in Adams County. Managing the woodlands that I grew up recreating in is very rewarding.

What are your biggest accomplishments at Steigerwaldt?

My biggest accomplishment at Steigerwaldt has been learning the timber sale process and working to see successful timber sales on properties that can be difficult to get harvested.

What is your favorite Steigerwaldt value and why?

Flexibility. This value is important to me because it allows me to pursue opportunities that a traditional structured job would not allow me to do.

How do you see this value in action at work?

I most frequently see this with the cross-department support that employees at Steigerwaldt provide each other. Nobody is just pigeonholed to one job.