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Our Roots

Maryada Shrestha has been with Steigerwaldt for 2.5 years and currently holds the title of Forest Biometrician.

What are three skills or attributes that describe you?

Hardworking, Diligent, Good with Data

Which projects that you have worked on have been the most enjoyable?

Working on carbon modeling was a fun and rewarding experience.

What are your biggest accomplishments at Steigerwaldt?

My biggest accomplishment while at Steigerwaldt has been having my superiors value me because of the dedication and quality work that I put forth.

What is your favorite Steigerwaldt value and why?

Flexibility (especially in terms of working hours and locations) has allowed us to have a healthy work/life balance.

How do you see this value in action at work?

I feel that having a healthy work/life balance allows us to be more productive at work, improves our physical and mental health, and we have a higher commitment and motivation to work.