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Resource Analysis Services

The ability to evaluate, model, and estimate the availability of forest resources and products is key to effective timberland and forest product business management.

At Steigerwaldt, our experts use a range of in-house databases, FIA-data sets, and remotely sensed platforms, and translates them into quality maps and images that illustrate results to land managers, decision-makers, and landowners.

We match solutions to client needs and budgets and development custom tools that answer questions through a variety of spatial, tabular, and reporting environments.

Our resource analysis team can confidently work with data from across the country and Canada. Customized products provide clients with meaningful information ranging from forest area, timber volume availability, biomass supply, and logging residue. We can advance research data by further honing products with investigations into ownership considerations, timber markets, mill competition, and production capacity as it impacts the supply chain and raw material availability.

Let us assist you in modeling your forest and non-forest resources so that you can make the best and most strategic business decisions.

Our recent work includes:

  1. Forest area and timber availability in strategic business units.
  2. Forest growth, harvest, and availability research in specific wood baskets.
  3. Studying species specific volume availability in the US south.
  4. Mill Resource and capacity analyses.

Learn more about members of our Resource Analysis team here.