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Safety at Steigerwaldt: Eye Protection

Protecting your eyes might seem like a low priority but neglecting to do so can lead to long term consequences.
Flying debris can damage your cornea, the protective layer of your eye, which can result in pain, blurred vision, or light sensitivity. In some cases, flying debris can cause blindness if the accident is severe.
Another reason to wear eye protection in forestry is to help avoid getting chemicals including commonly used tree paint or pesticides in the eyes. Depending on the chemical anything from irritation to blindness can occur with exposure.

The most common type of eye protection are safety glasses as they can protect from flying debris and chemicals. At Steigerwaldt, all staff have access to safety glasses, and eye wash stations. Safety glasses are always available to staff and extras are in each work truck safety kit. Portable eye wash kits are in each work truck and office location to flush out any eye irritants if an accident does occur.

Eye safety is important to us and should be important to you too! Wear appropriate eye protection for the activity you are working on and stay safe!