At Steigerwaldt Land Services you will find many of our team members have the initials “ACF” or “CF” following our names. These initials designate our membership in the Association of Consulting Foresters (ACF) or the fact that we are Certified Foresters (CF). Both of these credentials indicate a deep commitment to forestry and require extensive qualifications.

“In order to become a Certified Forester, it requires in depth knowledge about all aspects of forest, land, and water management practices. You need to show this knowledge by taking an exam with a passing grade to be considered a Certified Forester. Being a Certified Forester exhibits that a forester has expressly shown they have the knowledge to properly manage all facets of land. It also shows that we are committed to maintaining up-to-date knowledge by completing continuing education credits every year to maintain our certification.”, Brock Tetzlaff, CF.

How to become certified & maintain certification:

  1. Agree to standards of professional practice
  2. Have a BS or Masters from an SAF accredited degree program
  3. 5 or more years of qualifying professional forestry experience
  4. 60 CFE credit hours within a 3 year period
  5. Pass a competency exam

Why is it important to be certified:
“Our certifications show our dedication and expertise in the field. You wouldn’t go to a doctor for surgery who did not have an MD after their name. In the same way, it is important to know that the forester you choose to help manage your property takes pride in making sure they are certified and agree to meet all standards of professional practice. The CF after their name distinguishes them in being a certified forester. In addition, certified foresters are dedicated to expanding their knowledge and keeping up to date on new technologies by continuing their education in meeting the 60 CFE credit hours every 3 years. Our forests are dynamic, making continuing education important for managing our resource sustainably now and for the future.”, Meagan Backhaus, CF.