Title Reports

One of the keys to a successful Right-of-Way project is having a clear picture of all of the properties affected by the project. The first step in this process consists of developing a landlist which identifies all the parcels potentially impacted by the project. Using this list, the team will then begin the process of securing land title reports, a critical step in the overall success of the project.

The title report will provide the project team with the legal description and ownership of the property. The report will also provide the full legal description of the property, chain of ownership, judgements, liens, mortgages, and any other interest in the property. This is important when securing an easement as all interested parties must be informed of the transaction. The project team will also use the report to ensure that anyone with ownership interest is named on and executes the document. This ensures land rights are secured from the appropriate individuals and all necessary parties are made aware of the transaction.

In addition to this, the survey team will use the title reports to map out and verify that there are no conflicts with existing easements, land rights, or other encumbrances. They will also identify any gaps in ownership that may require additional research.

Regardless of the type of Right-of-Way acquisition project you are working on, having complete and accurate title research is critical to project success and avoiding costly project delays.
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-Haakon Hagemeister, Vice President: Energy, Infrastructure, and Real Estate