Tree Identification: Red Pine – Pinus Resinosa

The Red Pine is a well-known and beloved tree in the state of Wisconsin. It is a tall and majestic tree that is very prevalent throughout the area. It grows in dry, sandy soils as well as on rocky ridges. It is found to be especially common in Douglas and Washburn counties, growing in largely uniform and even-aged stands. The Red Pine is typically a dominant overstory species wherever it happens to grow. The only species that would usually trump it would be the Eastern White Pine and the Jack Pine. 

This bark is a dark, reddish brown with large plates that grow up to 80, sometimes even 100, feet tall. The diameter of the trunk can get up to 35 inches. The needles at the ends of the branches are about 4 inches long and grow in bundles of two. Along with Jack Pine, Red Pine also benefits from the presence of wildfires. If the fire is severe enough, it will strip away the forest floor’s organic layer and expose the mineral soil. Red Pine saplings are able to grow much easier in these conditions, making it much more likely for the entire stand to thrive.

– Kate Handberg, GIS Manager