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Tree identification is the process of identifying trees by genus and species based on their fundamental
traits. The traits identified will help you determine first the genus of the tree, such as Acer (maple) or
Fraxinus (ash) and then determine the species of the genus such as Acer saccarhum versus Acer rubrum.
Tree identification can be very confusing for a beginner, but the more you practice, the easier it will get!
It can be a lot of fun walking through the woods and identifying all the different species you know or
maybe do not know.

Knowing the genus and species of a tree can be very important when determining how you would like to
manage your forested land. Trees can be as picky about where they live as humans are. Some trees
prefer the water-logged soils and others will not survive. In addition, each genus is susceptible to
different diseases and pests. Being able to manage your land to minimize disease and pests will greatly
improve the health of your forest. These are just a few examples of the importance of tree

Steigerwaldt Land Services has foresters with extensive knowledge on tree identification. We have
experience identifying trees not only in the Lake States, but throughout numerous states extending as
far as Alaska, California, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky, to name a few. We can help in identifying the
different trees present on your property, answer questions about them, and make recommendations on
how to continue management on your property in a sustainable manner. If you have questions, we can
help find an answer!

-Meagan Backhaus, Assistant Project Forester