City of Tomahawk, Wisconsin

We created and presented to the city parks department a management plan for Bradley Park, which consists of over 100 acres of pine-dominated forest and day-use recreational sites. The plan sets tree planting and hazard tree removal goals in order to maintain the natural forest cover that the park is known for and to address aesthetics, recreational, and safety issues in the park’s high-use areas.

Farmers Insurance

We determined the loss of value caused by the removal of four jack pine trees from a 2.2-acre residential property in Lincoln County, Wisconsin.

Continental Western Group

We determined the loss of value due to the removal of ten Chinese elm trees and one Chinese elm tree damaged by excessive pruning on a 1.5-acre residential property in Sawyer County, Wisconsin.

TFW Surveying & Mapping, Inc.

We assessed the health of over 200 trees on a residential lake front property. Work included conducting a ground survey, assessing damage and disease, and identifying trees for removal.

Private landowner

We provided a “cost to cure” estimate of damages caused by the removal of trees on a .15-acre lot in Iron County, Wisconsin.

Acuity Insurance

We appraised the damages to three trees on a 1.04-acre residential property in Portage County, Wisconsin.