WDNR Forest Tax Law Dispute Resolution Process

The Wisconsin Forest Tax Law Dispute Resolution Process (DRP) was developed to provide an alternative to the existing binding processes outlined in statute for challenging forestry-related decisions on private lands enrolled in the Managed Forest Law (MFL) and Forest Crop Law (FCL) programs.

The DRP is a voluntary process that can be used when disagreements on private lands enrolled in MFL and FCL cannot be readily resolved between DNR foresters and private sector foresters (cooperators and others), loggers, or landowners.

The disagreements can result from differences in professional opinion regarding silvicultural prescriptions, forest health and disease restrictions, and best management practices (BMPs) and/or logging practices, and their adherence to the principles of sound forestry for land enrolled in MFL and FCL. The DRP was developed by a committee consisting of representatives from the Division of Forestry, non-industrial private forest landowners, large block forestland managers, the Society of American Foresters, consulting foresters, and the logging, lumber, and pulp and paper industries.

Process Overview

Forest Tax Law Handbook | Chapter 31