The Managed Forest Law (MFL) program is a tax incentive program for private forestland owners in Wisconsin. This program, enacted in 1985, was developed to take the place of the Woodland Tax Law and Forest Crop Law.

Since that time this program has become a very attractive option for many private landowners. The MFL program allows landowners to receive reduced tax rates in exchange for practicing sustainable forestry. Landowners are given the choice in keeping their forestlands open or closed to public access. However, those willing to allow public access on their lands will realize a lower tax rate. Refer to the rates outlined below:

  • Open MFL land tax rate: $2.14 per acre
  • Closed MFL land tax rate: $10.68 per acre (160 acres allowed “closed” per ownership)

These rates are effective from 2013 to 2017; in 2018 and every fifth year thereafter, both rates will be reevaluated and adjusted using a statutory formula to reflect changing property tax rates.

Pictured above is our experienced group of CPWs who can assist you in enrolling your forestland into the MFL program. Please call our office (715.453.3274) and ask for Laura Heier to assist you through the application process.