Steigerwaldt Land Services is a proud sponsor and participant of this year’s Spring Conference Virtual Meeting Series. We look forward to introducing ourselves and learning more about how we can support your litigation needs.

Steigerwaldt Land Services’ president and expert witness, Lee Ann Steigerwaldt, will be presenting to WDC members on tree appraisal.

Tree Appraisal: When Trees Are a Part of Damages

Steigerwaldt is a full-service resource solution company established in 1957. We offer clients a wide range of appraisal, real estate, right-of-way, environmental, forestry, and land survey services. From vast tracts of forestland to small commercial lots, and even individual trees, our appraisers are experts in all aspects of property valuation.


We specialize in applying accepted appraisal practices to a wide range of real estate, commercial timber,  tree, and landscape damage scenarios. We provide supportable valuations and the expert witness services necessary to see the appraisal through litigation.  With decades of appraisal experience, we efficiently manage the most complex assignments with the latest market research and detailed geographic and data analytics.


As a leading consulting firm, Steigerwaldt Land Services is on the cutting edge of sustainable practices and emerging technologies that offer the greatest benefit to our clients, landowners, and the natural environment.  We take pride in advising and partnering with our clients to deliver unmatched services and results. 


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