Winter Driving

Happy December, all! Winter is upon us, as there is snow on the ground and ice across the lakes.

As a recap to last month’s post: Winter is here, and it is important to be prepared by having the appropriate outdoor gear. It is also important to become aware of your surroundings while driving. At this time of the year, roadways can become icy, covered in snow, and sometimes are not passable. It is important to be prepared for hazardous driving conditions and know what to do in slick situations.

    Here are some simple things that you can do now before winter is in full force:

    • Tires
      • Check the quality of your tires, and if needed, purchase a new set. Having good tires can help you keep better traction on the road and help improve your gas mileage. 
    • Four-wheel/All-wheel drive
      • Does your vehicle have four-wheel or all-wheel drive? This feature helps you have better traction, provides safety in slippery situations, and can get you out of deeper snow. 
    • New wipers
      • With snow, water and salt residue, it is important to have good wipers to keep your windshield clean. 
    • Windshield washer fluid
      • Check to make sure your car has this fluid and have extra in the trunk as it will help you see when the salt and snow builds up on your windshield. 
    • Allow extra time
      • Allow yourself extra time for commuting as you may have to drive more slowly.
    • Extra Layers
      • Pack extra layers in your trunk to keep warm in case of an accident or car troubles.
    • Gas
      • Keep a full tank of gas in case you are stuck in a storm or have few gas stations nearby.

    With the holiday season among us, there will be more people on the roads than usual. It is important to practice safe winter driving and allow yourself extra time to travel if necessary. If conditions take a turn for the worse, a simple 30-minute drive can turn into a drive that might take hours. 

    Stay safe on the roads during the holiday season by planning ahead, allowing yourself extra time, and expecting the unexpected. As a final note, be aware of snowmobiles and skiers that may be crossing slippery roadways. 

    Have a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We’ll see you in 2023! 


    -Nate Loeffler, Forester