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This spring, foresters from Steigerwaldt conducted tree seedling survival surveys in northeastern Minnesota on land managed by The Nature Conservancy. This important work is performed to promote greater tree species diversity on sites and to ensure that planted and crop species trees are establishing. Planting and managing these trees will help make Minnesota’s forests more resilient to stresses like invasive species, disease and insect infestations, and changes in the climate.
This work is best done in the spring before the understory shrubs and vegetation get a chance to green and grow. At each plot, we captured:
  • Overstory Data
  • Understory Data
  • Shrub Density
  • Grass/Vegetation Density
  • Maintenance and Deer Browse Protection Needs
Steigerwaldt is honored to be part of this work as a full-service land management services company. Trees and forests provide us with careers in the outdoors in addition to providing beauty, homes for wildlife, places to visit and hike, and work to curb the effects of climate change. We encourage you to plant trees and support TNC’s efforts to restore Minnesota’s forests: