Our Team

Our professional foresters, real estate consultants and certified general appraisers have the knowledge to take on any project related to land sales and management you may have – no matter where it may be and no matter how big or small.

From Forestry to Appraisals, Our Knowledge Runs Deep.

Our work is characterized by our commitment to sustainable solutions, innovative thinking, the latest technology, and respect for the natural environment. Here is a list of our dedicated team of professional foresters, real estate consultants, certified appraisers, specialty and management staff.

Leadership Team

Chief Executive Officer/President

Lee Ann Steigerwaldt, ACF

Lee currently oversees and implements strategic direction and performance standards at Steigerwaldt. She is a third-generation consulting forester and business owner with a Bachelor of Science degree earned in 1999 from the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point in Forest Management, Urban Forestry, and Philosophy. She is a certified general appraiser in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota, and an ISA certified arborist. Her prior professional experience was as a Production Arborist in Hailey, Idaho, before relocating to Tomahawk to work in the family business.

Lee offers business leadership perspective and experience in a growing and transitioning business and feels the emphasis on cultural expectations and principle values is key to thriving through transitions.

She enjoys working on the Christmas tree farm and at the maple syrup shack, and pursuing steelhead in the Brule River in northern Wisconsin with her husband, Todd. She has two children, a daughter and son. Lee is an eleven-time finisher of the Ironman triathlon and is a believer in grit, tenacity, and consistency in business, organizational, and personal achievement.

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Edward F. Steigerwaldt, ACF

Ed is a forester and real estate appraiser with decades of experience. As owner of the Steigerwaldt companies, Ed helps direct daily business management and directs the staff of appraisers, foresters, assistants, and land managers. His appraisal experience includes a wide variety of assignments including the appraisal of waterfront, recreation, forest land, residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial property, as well as easements and individual trees and landscaping. Ed has also completed appraisals for tree damage, utility easement analyzation for effects on property values, and Christmas tree management. He currently directs real estate appraisal projects throughout Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and other states when requested. Ed has qualified as an expert witness in court proceedings in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, and California. He has given numerous presentations covering real estate and tree appraisal. Ed also has served as a Wisconsin tax assessor and has over fifty years of experience as a Christmas tree grower.

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Tree Farm Manager/Staff Forester

Jon S. Andreas

Jon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. In addition, Jon holds an Associates degree in Automotive Technology from North Central Technical College.

Jon is responsible for directing, coordinating, and leading Steigerwaldt Tree Farm’s field operations and manages wholesale and retail Christmas tree sales. His duties also include budget management, performance targets, action plan, data analysis, and marketing for Steigerwaldt Tree Farms. Jon works as the tree farm field operations leader and works with other members of the department to develop and maintain client relationships. He supervises farm projects, processes, and scheduling between in-house departments to maintain efficiencies. He is the lead on maintenance of GIS data for Steigerwaldt lands and Christmas tree inventory. Jon also serves as the lead liaison with our Forestry Department, and directs and evaluates equipment needs and maintenance.

Prior to his current position, Jon was responsible for evaluating, identifying, leading a tree crew, and safely using a chain saw to successfully remove hazard trees from along trail systems to provide safe trails for recreationalists.

In his free time, Jon enjoys mountain biking and camping with his wife and daughters.

715.453.3274, ext. 347

Communication and Development Director

Ashley R. Beatty, MA

Ashley earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies and Professional Writing from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse in 2008. She also attended St. Mary’s University and earned her Master’s Degree in Management in 2012.

Ashley is the Communication and Development Director at Steigerwaldt, continuously promoting their trademark: quality work fast, with honesty and integrity. Internally, her focus is on fostering an inclusive and creative work culture and strengthening team development, engagement, and relationships. She also invests time in company promotion, branding, and client experience. In addition, her responsibilities include all aspects of administration for multiple departments including forestry, marketing and communications, IT, and brokerage. She excels at office management, technical support, website maintenance, social media, creative solutions, marketing, and fostering an inclusive work environment. Ashley is also a Wisconsin Notary.

Ashley enjoys contributing to her community by volunteering for major city events. She is also an entrepreneur and owns a craft beer and coffee bar with her family. Her favorite moments are spent with her husband and dogs; whether traveling or at home, it’s always an adventure.

715.699.1401, ext. 201

Chief Operations Officer

Josh B. Burling, ACF

Josh serves as the Chief Operations Officer for Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc. Josh has worked for Steigerwaldt since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources with a Forest Management Emphasis and a Certificate in Environmental Studies. He is an active member of the Society of American Foresters and the Association of Consulting Foresters. He is a cooperating forester with the Wisconsin DNR and is MFL certified and FISTA SFI trained.

Josh specializes in forest operations oversight and execution for large private landowners (TIMO, REIT, and large private non-industrial ownerships). He is experienced in all aspects of Lake States and Appalachian silviculture, third-party certification systems (FSC, SFI, and ATF), timber sale harvest planning, establishment, marketing, contracting, and administration, inventory execution and field oversight, forest road maintenance and improvement, and reforestation planning and contracting. He holds a Wisconsin Real Estate Sales License and assists clients with timberland and recreational real estate acquisitions, dispositions, marketing, contracting, due diligence, recreational lease program oversight, and strategic direction.

In his current role, Josh has oversight of Steigerwaldt’s business operations and execution. He also manages Steigerwaldt’s offices in Hayward, Wisconsin and Negaunee, Michigan where he is responsible for oversight of approximately 275,000 acres of client-owned properties, as well as client and company budget management, client relationships, project management, staffing, procurement, and execution of business directives and expectations.

Josh resides in Hayward, Wisconsin, and enjoys spending time with his family, deer hunting, searching for shed antlers, musky fishing, and coaching youth basketball.

715.699.1401, ext. 203

Operations Director - Real Estate/Broker

Todd D. Frederickson

As Real Estate Broker Operations Director, Todd is responsible for department business development, client relations, procurement, team performance, budget, and action plans. Todd is a licensed Real Estate Broker in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota where he facilitates land sales for clients and assists buyers in acquiring properties. His duties also include conducting highway and utility right-of-way acquisitions and assisting Certified General Appraisers with appraisal work.

He is a member of the National, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota Associations of Realtors as well as local associations such as the Greater Northwoods Association of Realtors, Realtors Association of Northwestern Wisconsin, the Central Wisconsin Board of Realtors, the Lake Superior Area Realtors, and the Upper Peninsula Association of Realtors.

Todd holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Natural Science from the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point. Prior to his current position, Todd was a high school science instructor and coach. In his free time, Todd enjoys many outdoor activities with his family.

715.453.3274, ext. 327

Vice President - Analysis, Valuation, and Technology Solutions

Forrest M. Gibeault, MF, ACF

Forrest serves as the Vice President of Analytics, Valuation, and Technology Solutions at Steigerwaldt Land Services. In this role, he leads a team that provides a wide range of forest resource and timber industry analysis services to private, industry, and public agency clients. Forrest works in tandem with Steigerwaldt appraisal, real estate, and forest management departments to support consulting efforts. He manages geospatial services at Steigerwaldt, and works to connect clients with GIS solutions that meet their needs, with an eye to enhance and leverage data and processes.

He has extensive experience in designing and implementing varied timber and resource inventories, including detailed data acquisition, analysis, reporting, and modeling using state-of-the art hardware and software applications. He oversees cradle-to-grave services on forest carbon projects including project design, inventory, GIS and analysis, and modeling. With a deep knowledge of Lake States silviculture, particularly northern hardwood management, Forrest specializes in forestland real estate due diligence and investment analysis. He has also worked on analysis, inventory, and modeling assignments on projects located across the country from the northeast through the Adirondacks and Appalachia regions, to the western states, including Alaska.

715.453.3274, ext. 317

Vice President - Energy, Infrastructure, and Real Estate

Haakon K. Hagemeister, SR/WA

Haakon serves as the Vice President of Energy, Infrastructure, and Real Estate for Steigerwaldt and has been with the company since 2004. He worked as a staff and project forester prior to transitioning into his current role in 2011. Haakon earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management from Michigan Technological University in 2003. He is a member of the International Right of Way Association, Society of American Foresters, and Association of Consulting Foresters. He served as the chapter chair of the Northeast Chapter of the Society of American Foresters from 2011 to 2013 and holds the SR/WA designation from the IRWA. He is a Wisconsin and Michigan Notary, and is a Wisconsin Cooperating Forester.

Haakon’s current job duties at Steigerwaldt include performing and overseeing all aspects of utility, renewable, and governmental acquisition and permitting projects. Haakon coordinates and ensures client expectations are met in relation to project budgeting, forecasting, schedule, and workflow to ensure successful completion on time and within budget. Additional duties include attending public meetings, obtaining necessary local and state permits, preparing market studies, negotiating with public and private landowners, settling damage claims, and handling vegetation management issues. As Operations Director, Haakon is also responsible for the development, implementation, and supervision of the day-to-day activities of the Real Estate team. This includes reviewing, evaluating, and managing the acquisition process, ensuring due diligence and compliance with all client and statutory requirements, and ensuring project database and spatial solutions are current and correct.

In his free time, Haakon enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters, brook trout fishing, and spending time outdoors.

715.453.3274, ext. 332

Senior Vice President - Project Coordination/Client Services

Thomas J. Hittle, ACF

Tom Hittle serves as Senior Vice President, Project Coordination and Business Development at Steigerwaldt Land Services, Inc. He has over 30 years of forestry consulting experience and served as Steigerwaldt’s Forestry and GIS Operations Director for 15 years prior to his current position. In this previous role, he was responsible for management of over 350,000 acres of client-owned timberland. He has a wide range of expertise in forest management and timberland real estate gained from years of hands-on consulting and forest management efforts on small and large private forestlands, and for county, state, federal, tribal, utility, investment, and conservancy clients. Tom’s experience includes due diligence for timberland acquisitions, resource analysis and forest management planning, systems development and implementation, and management scenario modeling on a variety of consulting projects. He has appeared as an expert witness, testifying on timber volumes, values, and forest management practices for clients in Marquette County, Michigan, and Adams, Washburn, Portage, and Langlade Counties, Wisconsin, and has worked on numerous other projects settled prior to court.

Tom was appointed in 2013 by the governor of Wisconsin to serve on the Wisconsin Council on Forestry; in 2019 he was appointed as the Chair of the Council. He served as State Chair for the Wisconsin Society of American Foresters (2014 – 2015), and also served as the State Chair for the Wisconsin Chapter of the Association of Consulting Foresters (2017 – 2018). Tom is actively involved in forest policy matters and is an advocate for the forest industry, recently giving presentations to the Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association, Wisconsin Counties Association, Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands-Board of Directors, Wisconsin Statewide Department of Natural Resources Forestry staff, and at regional and national Society of American Foresters conferences.

715.453.3274, ext. 314

Accounting Manager/Operations Director - Office Administration

Melissa L. Lane

Melissa earned her Master of Business Administration in 2013 from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. She also attended Franklin University in Ohio and earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting.

Melissa’s responsibilities at Steigerwaldt includes overseeing the daily operations of the accounting and office administration departments. This includes financial statements preparation, budget completion, and financial goal implementation. In addition, she oversees the payroll and employee benefit administration. Melissa is always looking for process improvements to streamline the workflow for efficiency and effectiveness.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys spending time with family and being outdoors in the Northwoods with her husband and dog. Some of her favorites are fishing, boating, camping, and snowmobiling.

715.453.3274, ext. 325

Vice President - Land and Resource Management

Joe A. Mattke, ACF

Joe serves as the Vice President of Land and Resource Management for Steigerwaldt Land Services. Joe has worked for Steigerwaldt since October 2010 and has been a forester in northern Wisconsin since graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry with a Forest Management and Urban Forestry Emphasis. He is a member of the Society of American Foresters and the Association of Consulting Foresters. He is a cooperating forester with the Wisconsin DNR, a certified plan writer, and is FISTA-SFI trained.

Joe specializes in oversight and execution for forest operations for our large private landowners (TIMO, REIT, and large private non-industrial ownerships). He is experienced in all aspects of Lake States silviculture, third-party certification systems (SFI and ATF), timber sale harvest planning, establishment, marketing, contracting, and administration, inventory execution and field oversight, forest road maintenance and improvement, and reforestation planning and contracting.

In his current role, Joe manages foresters in Steigerwaldt’s Tomahawk, Wisconsin, office. He is responsible for operations oversight of approximately 175,000 acres of client-owned properties, as well as client and company budget management, client relationships, project management, staffing, procurement, and execution of business directives and expectations.

715.453.3274, ext. 304

Operations Director - Environmental/Senior Forester

Ben J. Williams, ACF

Ben serves as a Senior Forester and Environmental Director for Steigerwaldt. Ben earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management, with a minor in Soil Science, from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2005. He also received further education in wetland delineation from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2015. Ben is a member of the Association of Consulting Foresters and the Society of American Foresters.

As a Senior Forester, Ben’s current job duties include project supervision and land management for a variety of clients including non-industrial private landowners, investment companies, and government agencies. He is proficient at timber sale preparation and administration, management plan preparation, forest inventory, re-forestation, and Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation.

As the Environmental Director, Ben oversees a team of specialists who provide wetland delineation, permitting, environmental monitoring, invasive species control, and tree pest control services.

In his free time, Ben enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. Some of their favorite activities include camping, skiing, biking, and fishing.

715.453.3274, ext. 321