Analysis, Valuation, and Technology

Our team of experts provide comprehensive timberland investment service packages and analytic solutions that aid clients in making well informed decisions.  We specialize in analyzing eastern hardwood resources, but can create full-service solutions and products across the country

Advising clients from project visioning, through data collection and research, to final products and application in the market.  We build partnerships with our clients creating applications for your needs.

With due diligence and carbon service experience throughout North America on well over 1 million acres, we can provide full-service solutions on your next project.

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Stumpage Trends

Steigerwaldt provides regular updates on the Lake States timber and stumpage markets. For analysis specific to your project and region, contact Steigerwaldt today at 715.453.3274.

Investment & Analysis
May 6, 2021

Carbon Offset Programs – Opportunities

Carbon Offset Programs - Opportunities Forest carbon markets have made notable gains over the past 10 years. Compliance-based markets established…