Analytics & Technology Solutions

GIS Manager

Nick P. Berg

Nick serves as the GIS Manager at Steigerwaldt Land Services. He is responsible for supporting the Analysis, Valuation, and Technology Solutions Department through project deadline and accountability tracking, supporting project managers, and assisting with project processes. His duties also include facilitating project management, strategic planning, GIS staff supervision, and GIS business development. Nick specializes in customer/client service, communication between departments, and developing work-flow processes.

Nick holds a Bachelor's Degree from UW - Eau Claire in Environmental Geography with an emphasis in GIS.

Prior to his current position, Nick was an Assistant Store Leader for a sporting goods retailer and an Assistant Market Manager at a financial institution.

In his free time, Nick enjoys hiking, kayaking, hunting, and traveling.
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Vice President - Analysis, Valuation, and Technology Solutions

Forrest M. Gibeault, MF, ACF

Forrest serves as our Analysis and Technology Solutions Director at Steigerwaldt Land Services. In this role, he leads a team that provides a wide range of forest resource and timber industry analysis services to private, industry, and public agency clients. Forrest works in tandem with Steigerwaldt appraisal, real estate, and forest management departments to support consulting efforts. He manages geospatial services at Steigerwaldt, and works to connect clients with GIS solutions that meet their needs, with an eye to enhance and leverage data and processes.

He has extensive experience in designing and implementing varied timber and resource inventories, including detailed data acquisition, analysis, reporting, and modeling using state-of-the art hardware and software applications. He oversees cradle-to-grave services on forest carbon projects including project design, inventory, GIS and analysis, and modeling. With a deep knowledge of Lake States silviculture, particularly northern hardwood management, Forrest specializes in forestland real estate due diligence and investment analysis. He has also worked on analysis, inventory, and modeling assignments on projects located across the country from the northeast through the Adirondacks and Appalachia regions, to the western states, including Alaska.
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Bret J. Hilliard

As a Forester with Steigerwaldt, Bret is responsible for forest inventory data collection, carbon cruising, and field data collection and observation. His duties also include inventory data collection, timber marking, stand research and reconnaissance, harvest research, data recording, and field observations.

Bret holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management and Soils from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.

Prior to his current position, Bret interned as a Resource Crew Technician at Forest Preserves of Cook County in Illinois. He also has experience in landscaping and lawn care.

In his free time, Bret enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, hunting, target shooting, and running.
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Nathan M. Loeffler

Nathan Loeffler serves as a Staff Forester at Steigerwaldt Land Services. He is responsible for forest inventory, data collection, timber marking, timber sale administration, and forest operations support.

Prior to his current role, Nathan was an LTE Conservation Forester for Compass Land Consultants and worked on a fixed radius plot project similar to carbon plots. He also worked on forest inventory, timber marking, and timber sale preparation work. For his internship, Nathan worked at Stella Jones and selected red pine suitable for telephones.

Nathan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management from The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.

In his free time, Nathan enjoys doing all kinds of outdoor recreation such as running, biking, hiking, cross country skiing, camping, and so much more! He also enjoys being with family at the cabin and working on projects.
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Forest Analyst

Maryada Shrestha, PhD

Maryada supports the Analysis and Technology Solutions department data analysis, inventory, data processing, modeling, and forest carbon quantification and research. Additional responsibilities include project management, inventory data review and auditing, and assisting with client communications.

Maryada holds a Master of Science (MS) degree focused on Natural Resource Science and Management from University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and a PhD from the University of Florida, majoring in Forest Resources and Conservation. She specializes in forest management, quantitative silviculture, dendrochronology, and environmental education, with specific skills in database management, statistical analysis, data visualization and QA/QC.

In her free time, Maryada enjoys spending time with her family, visiting new places, and hiking.
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Forest Analyst

Fleming A. Talton

Fleming serves as a Forest Analyst at Steigerwaldt Land Services. His primary responsibilities include geospatial analysis, remote sensing analysis, and web service support to forest resource projects including timber valuation, forest carbon quantification, and market research. Fleming facilitates and coordinates communications with clients and stakeholders as well as within the Analysis and Technology Solutions team.

Fleming holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Geography with emphasis in Natural Resources Management from Appalachian State University. Prior to joining Steigerwaldt, he worked for a private timber resources company in precision agriculture and as a Biological Technician with the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Fleming lives in the Appalachian region of North Carolina and loves getting outside whenever possible (especially with his black lab / hound mix Roscoe). He enjoys playing the drums and guitar, vegetable gardening, and cooking.
715.453.3274, ext. 315

GIS Specialist

David A. Wenzlick

David is responsible for GIS development out of the Tomahawk office. His duties include developing map and data products for clients, utilizing programs such as ESRI ArcGIS Pro and ESRI ArcMap. David specializes in producing custom map products for clients in a timely fashion. He exemplifies Steigerwaldt’s trademark of ‘Quality work fast, with honesty and integrity.’

Prior to his current position, David worked for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for 5 seasons. David explored multiple opportunities with the WI DNR and gained experience as a Facilities Maintenance worker at Northern Highland American Legion State Forest; a Parks and Recreation Specialist in the Flambeau River State Forest; and a Fisheries Technician, performing creel survey work on the Pike Lake Chain of lakes in Price County, Wisconsin.

David holds a Bachelors Degree in Natural Resources with an emphasis on Natural Resource Management from Oregon State University. He also obtained an Associates Degree in GIS from Nicolet Area Technical College.

In his free time, David enjoys spending time in the outdoors hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping.
715.453.3274, ext. 342