Tree Farm

Operations Director - Tree Farm

Jon S. Andreas

Jon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. In addition, Jon holds an Associates degree in Automotive Technology from North Central Technical College.

Jon is responsible for directing, coordinating, and leading Steigerwaldt Tree Farm’s field operations and manages wholesale and retail Christmas tree sales. His duties also include budget management, performance targets, action plan, data analysis, and marketing for Steigerwaldt Tree Farms. Jon works as the tree farm field operations leader and works with other members of the department to develop and maintain client relationships. He supervises farm projects, processes, and scheduling between in-house departments to maintain efficiencies. He is the lead on maintenance of GIS data for Steigerwaldt lands and Christmas tree inventory. Jon also serves as the lead liaison with our Forestry Department, and directs and evaluates equipment needs and maintenance.

Prior to his current position, Jon was responsible for evaluating, identifying, leading a tree crew, and safely using a chain saw to successfully remove hazard trees from along trail systems to provide safe trails for recreationalists.

In his free time, Jon enjoys mountain biking and camping with his wife and daughters.
715.453.3274, ext. 347

Tree Farm Field Manager

Jennifer Hegnet

Jennifer serves as a Tree Farm Field Manager at Steigerwaldt Land Services. She is responsible for supporting the Steigerwaldt Tree Farm division through directing and leading field operations. Her duties include maintaining equipment, fostering relations across the department, and managing field staff.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science and Environmental Planning with a Geoscience minor from The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

Prior to her current position, Jennifer was a department manager at a landscaping company in Madison, Wisconsin, managing multiple crews for the maintenance department.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys baking, hiking, camping, and traveling.
715.453.3274, ext. 337

Tree Farm Field Manager

Ryan M. Simmons

Ryan is responsible for directing and leading field operations at Steigerwaldt Tree Farm for Christmas tree production. His duties include directing and managing field staff towards specific goals and deadlines, along with maintaining equipment and relations across the department.

Ryan attended the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Forest Management and Urban Forestry.

Prior to his current position, Ryan was responsible for safely applying pesticides and pruning techniques to improve urban tree health. He also was a math/science teacher for multiple grades, managing several classrooms throughout a day.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys backpacking and traveling with friends and family.
715.453.3274, ext. 328