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Our Roots

Lee Steigerwaldt has been with Steigerwaldt full time for 22 years and began working seasonally on the Christmas tree farm in 1987. She currently holds the title of CEO / President.

What are three skills or attributes that describe you?

Tenacious, Authentic, Open

Which projects that you have worked on have been the most enjoyable?

It’s been a pleasure to get to work closely with staff on our forest inventory projects across the country that have involved helicopters, float planes, boats, and skiffs to access remote and unique working locations and challenging terrain. The logistics, execution, and team work to make these happen successfully and most importantly safely, is truly impressive.

What are your biggest accomplishments at Steigerwaldt?

Hands down the biggest wins are watching our staff grow and develop into roles where their unique skill sets are leveraged for the maximum benefit of client and team. We place a strong focus on right people, right spot and that evolution has been fun to witness from hiring initiatives to career growth and development. The expansion of our expertise nationwide, the structural changes and systems we’ve implemented, and our focus on our mission, vision, purpose and values have been big accomplishments. I’m very proud of our staff, how nimble they are, and what they achieve.

What is your favorite Steigerwaldt value and why?

Drive. Running a consulting business involves constant problem solving that never lets up. Drive has been and is essential to feeding, sustaining, and propelling a consulting business with a 66 year history forward. Drive is the most essential characteristic I’ve learned from my Dad as a way of life and being. Steady, methodical, and measured, drive is a steady drum beat.

How do you see this value in action at work?

I see drive in action every day with our staff through their commitment to delivering quality work effectively and efficiently on projects with tough deadlines and in all conditions. They are a gritty, determined group that shows up for our clients and shows up for each other.