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Timberland Appraisals

Steigerwaldt has extensive knowledge and experience with timberland appraisals across the country.  This year alone, we have appraised over one million acres of investment-grade timberlands throughout the nation from Upper New England to Appalachia to the Inland West to the Pacific Northwest.  These appraisals have considered conservation easements, carbon programs, various lease income, and other atypical considerations.

Our team are nationwide timberland valuation experts and have extensive experience specializing in challenging appraisal situations.  Collaborating with our analytics experts, we offer a unique suite of services yielding supportable valuations.  We stay current on the fluctuating market conditions of a dynamic industry, including stumpage trends, intricate land transactions, conservation easements, and more.  Also, all our timberland appraisal team members are degreed foresters with extensive field and forest management backgrounds.

Steigerwaldt presents a unique team approach to timberland appraisals, drawing on the broad and varied expertise of experienced professional foresters and appraisers.  We pride ourselves on taking on and successfully completing assignments that have unique challenges.  Those challenges can range from complex subject matter assignments to remote and rugged topography to extensive scale and scope projects under tight timelines.  We strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients built on the trust that we will provide high-quality services, solutions, and products in a timely manner.

We are a cohesive team of experts providing high-quality, full-service resource solutions and products.  We ask, listen, and leverage our experts to deliver unmatched services.

Your Confidence Lands Here.


-Richard Congdon, Valuation Operations Manager