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Winter Driving Preparedness

Winter brings shorter days, snow, and ice, which can cause hazardous conditions for drivers. Being prepared and aware can help you avoid a potentially dangerous situation. 

Keeping up with vehicle maintenance is important to keeping vehicles running properly, help avoid accidents, and being stranded in the winter. 

Every month at Steigerwaldt every vehicle gets a complete inspection. All lights, fluid levels, tires are inspected to ensure they are in tip top shape. Wiper blades and windshield washer fluid levels are assessed to make sure visibility is never reduced due to dirty windows or precipitation.

During the inspection staff makes sure each vehicle has jumper cables, tow straps, safety kits with matches, and ice scrapers. These supplies are helpful in the event a truck gets stuck or does not want to start after a day in the woods.  Being prepared helps our staff get home safe each evening.

Trucks are outfitted with all season tires to help provide traction in winter driving conditions. Tires are not the only factor in safe winter driving.  Starting to stop for traffic signals early and reduced speeds also contribute to safe arrival at destinations. 

Stay safe and vigilant this winter!

-Claire Hillmeyer, Forest Analyst