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Invasive Species Management and Recreation

Northern Wisconsin is home to many recreational activities, such as camping, ATV riding, and fishing. With spring on the way, many Wisconsinites are eager to jump into their favorite summer activities. Along with enjoying these summer activities also comes a responsibility to care for our environment and prevent the spread of these invasive pests. There are several actions we can all take to protect the beautiful area that we live in.

  1. Do not transport firewood in and out of a local area. Firewood can contain pests such as Emerald Ash Borer or spores from diseased trees. Transporting firewood can easily spread these pests and create massive consequences for a landowner’s property.
  2. Clean your ATVs from any debris that may be present on the machine before transporting it. There may be invasive species such as Buckthorn or Wild Parsnip hanging onto the vehicle.
  3. Clean off boat motors before going fishing at a different lake. Boat motors can pick up invasive species that can spread extremely fast, such as zebra mussels. Quickly cleaning off the motors would make a massive difference to a lake that is lucky enough to not yet be altered by invasive species.

Unfortunately, invasive pests and many diseases such as Emerald Ash Borer and Oak Wilt are prevalent throughout most of Wisconsin. If found on your property they have the potential to cause extreme consequences. Fortunately, if landowners commit to being proactive and are willing to learn there is actually a lot they can do to combat the problem. The environmental specialists at Steigerwaldt Land Services are always happy to come out for a site visit to educate landowners on different options available to combat these pests and diseases.

– Kate Handberg, Environmental Assistant/Staff Forester