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Our Roots:

Ashley Beatty has been with Steigerwaldt for seven years and currently holds the title of Communication and Development Director.

What are 3 words you would use to describe yourself?
Problem Solver, Caring, Positive

Which projects that you have worked on have been the most enjoyable?
Some of the most fun projects I’ve worked on involve facilitating team building activities. We have such a competitive and engaged team and it warms my heart to see everyone dive into activities where we all get to work together.

The most rewarding projects are using my creativity and problem-solving skills to create new processes and procedures that increase efficiency, safety, and ease of use for the team and company. This includes creating a Pandemic Policy, growing our marketing initiatives, and assisting with embracing more technology-based versus paper-based solutions.

Also, working on the Tree Farm retail lot in Florida! I love the excitement around Wisconsin Christmas trees and watching families pick out the perfect tree. It’s so special!

What are your biggest accomplishments at Steigerwaldt?
One of my biggest wins has been to grow into a role that didn’t exist here before. I started as a part-time Administrative Assistant and have grown into the role of Communication and Development Director. I’m so happy that I can apply my skills, education, and experience to my role. I’m thankful for my team recognizing my skills and creating opportunities for me to really shine and make a contribution to Steigerwaldt. My role is challenging, rewarding, and fulfilling. I feel valued every day!

What is your favorite Steigerwaldt value and why?
Stewardship. It is important to me that I work for a company that embraces the caretaking of people, community, and resources.

How do you see this value in action at work?
Steigerwaldt team members are incredible and the culture of caretaking is abundant. Our leaders are taking initiative to ask for feedback on company culture, work/life balance, sustainability practices, company matching programs, and alignment with partners that impact our communities and resources positively.