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Stumpage Price Indexing

Current stumpage markets and timber product pricing trends are an essential piece of knowledge for investing in timberlands. We actively track stumpage data to assess market trends, assist landowners with selling their stumpage, and appraise standing timber and investment-grade timberlands.

We utilize publicly available bid results, private bids, and long-standing knowledge of regional stumpage trends. Considering this data within the context of industry news, legislative items, and other regional insight allows us to determine the impacts on stumpage pricing and volume availability throughout the year.

Each timber sale is highly dependent on a number of factors. These may include species-level and total volume, product types and quality, access, and overall operability including the consideration of seasonality constraints. These factors, coupled with mill consumption and overall demand, are key considerations to producing accurate pricing estimates. At Steigerwaldt, our approach to analyzing markets to estimate stumpage and timber valuation is unique and thorough, but when your investment needs evaluation, the need for an accurate assessment is top priority.

At Steigerwaldt Land Services, our team can help you evaluate your timberland investment and can provide you with information to inform decisions that best impact you and your investment goals.