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Database and File Management

Accurate and easily accessible file management is essential to effectively managing right-of-way (ROW) projects. Understanding the importance of being able to store and access large volumes of information, Steigerwaldt has created an internal web-based acquisition database to support successful outcomes for our clients in the utility and renewable energy industries.

These tools help improve the document preparation process, accurately track critical dates and timelines, create project-related reports, and provide a one-stop shop for document creation and storage.

This system was created by ROW professionals to allow simple and intuitive real-time access to our clients and necessary team members. The system also links to a real-time ArcGIS application providing a valuable spatial component to project tracking.

Please visit our website to learn more about our ROW team and the tools we have to support your next ROW project.


-Haakon Hagemeister, Vice President: Energy, Infrastructure, and Real Estate