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Frasier Fir – Abies fraseri

This time of year, the Frasier Fir can be commonly seen decorated in people’s homes as a way of celebrating the Christmas holiday. The Frasier Fir is actually referred to as the “Cadillac of Christmas trees” because of the ability to retain its needles long after it has been cut.

Although this species of Fir is planted in many parts of Wisconsin, it is actually native to the Appalachian range. You can find many Frasier Firs sold locally in many places around the Northwoods, but North Carolina is responsible for 26% of all sales nationwide.

The needles of this species are smooth, flat, and about ½-1 inch long. The average height of Christmas trees sold is about 6-7 feet tall. It can take up to 7-10 years until a Frasier Fir is ready to be harvested at this height. These trees add so much to the festivities during the holiday season but can sometimes be quickly cast aside once it is over.

A great way to make use of your Christmas tree after the holidays, instead of putting it to waste, is to use it as mulch in your garden. The bark and needles of the Frasier Fir contain many nutrients which will make your garden look its best in the spring!

– Kate Handberg, GIS Manager